How to get Free followers on TikTok-(Best Top 10 Real Tricks)

The TikTok app is the most popular social media app of today. Making videos on the TikTok Application is very easy due to which users get to see very funny videos. But a user on Tiktok can only be popular. When Like as well as Followers on his videos. If you want to increase followers on your TikTok (How to get free followers on TikTok) then read this post completely. You will get the answer to all questions in this post.

Tiktok is a platform that has made people famous overnight. If a user is popular on Tik Tok, then the reason behind it is his talent and his followers. So if you also want to be famous, then know how to increase your real followers on TikTok.

Many users on TikTok make videos day and night. But for some reason, his video is not viral. Because of this, they are not famous. Know that there is only one reason behind this, users do not like their videos. That is why their followers do not increase. So first of all, increase Fans Followers on your TikTok.

Many users believe that it is difficult to increase Real Followers on TikTok. But I believe that you can easily increase your Real Followers on TikTok. I am telling you here how to grow Real Followers on TikTok. You can easily increase TitkTok followers by following.

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How to get Free followers on TikTok without downloading apps

Increasing Fans Followings is important to be famous in both real life and internet life. You have to work hard to increase the number of fans following. Once you increase the number of fans’ followers, you become a celebrity for the world. Let us know what are the ways through which you can increase TikTok followers.

1- Make a Good Tik Tok Profile

There is a saying that “First Impression is the Last Impression”. This is absolutely true. The better your Tiktok Profile, the more it attracts users towards you. Any user will definitely check your profile before following you. Only then will follow you.

If you have maintained your profile Attractive. Very good for you And if your TikTok profile is not maintained well then first of all correct your TikTok Bio. TikTok is the most important way to increase followers.

2- Upload Daily Video on Tik Tok

It is said that if we do some work with honesty, then we definitely get success. Similarly, if you want to get something from TikTok, then you have to do your work with full honesty. Therefore, you should put a video on TikTok every day. Don’t know which of your videos people like and go viral. As soon as your video is viral, your followers will start growing very fast.

As you all know that in today’s time, social media platform is the very right place to make a video viral. You must also be using social media. If you don’t use social media, start today. Because social media account will greatly help in increasing your TikTok followers. Share your TikTok videos on social media platforms so that other users of social media watch and like your video. And follow you.

4- Use Hashtag in TikTok

When adding a TikTok video, be sure to use the popular #Hashtag. Whenever you use Hashtag, your video will reach thousands of people. Which will increase followers with likes and comments on your post.

#hashtag is like a special keyword. When a user searches a topic on TikTok, then by finding the video related to TikTok’s Search Engine Keyword, it provides results to the users. So #Hashtag is the easiest way to make your video reach more people.

  1. #tiktok
  2. #viral
  3. #foryou
  4. #love
  5. #cute
  6. #funny
  7. #followme
  8. #fun
  9. #music
  10. #happy
  11. #follow
  12. #viral
  13. #funny
  14. #like4like
  15. #video
  16. #Girl
  17. #lol
  18. #funnyvideos
  19. #Comedy
  20. #life

5- Make TikTok videos on Trading Topics.

If your followers grow fastest on TikTok, then start making videos on Trading Topics. Because of being Trading Topics, people will like to watch your video more. If the Tiktok video of your Trading Topic is made good and unique. Users will definitely like and comment on your video. In this case, your chances of increasing TikTok followers will be increased.

6- Make Duet Video on TikTok

According to my, the people who make Duet Video on TikTok are the fastest people. You should make Duet Video with those users who are already popular on users TikTok. Because his number of followers is more than before, due to which his followers will see you when you see him with Famous TikToker.

7- Make a Task Video on TikTok

This is a panacea to quickly increase followers on your TikTok. You must have also seen the users who give Tusk or Challenge to others through their videos. His followers increase very quickly. Likewise, his TikTok videos attract lots of likes and comments.

The biggest reason for this is that the video people with Tasks are very much liked. If you too will make a Task video on TikTok and post it, you will get a response soon. And your TikTok Fans will increase quickly.

8- Like and Comments on other TikTok videos.

When someone likes Like and Comments on your video, you feel very good. And whoever has made likes and comments on your video, definitely check their profile. In such a situation, if his profile looks good, then you also follow that user.

In the same way, you must also like and comment on the videos of other users of TikTok. Other users will also check your profile. And if he likes it then he will follow you. Moral it happened, take one hand and give the other hand.

9- Create your own dialogue in TikTok Video.

Many times we have seen that people copy and make the Dialogue of Video made by others. And expect our followers to increase. But in my view, those people never succeed in TikTok. The biggest reason for this is that the video you are copying is right, people have already seen that video. Then how do you expect people to like your video and follow them?

I will tell you to use your own Dialogue in TikTok Video. And bring a Video with some new Dialogue in front of people. Then see how soon your TikTok Followers Increase occurs.

10- Make a Status Video on TikTok

Nowadays the trend of putting your status on social media is very loud. You must have seen how many people use the status of their social media accounts. Now talk about WhatsApp Status, people change their status every 24 hours because after 24 hours your status becomes Expire. In such a situation, users always look for good status according to the mood. If you make a good status video and post it on your TikTok Account. Then definitely increase your number of followers.


Hope you have read and understood the post. In this post, we gave information about the ways by which you can grow Real TikTok Followers. And create a different identity on your own TikTok.

By the way, many apps and websites will be found on the Internet, through which you can increase your likes, comments, and followers. Some websites do the work of selling followers. But they are not real followers. I believe it is not possible for you to be popular with such Fake followers on TikTok. To be popular, you need Real Followers. And to get Real TikTok Followers. You can increase your TikTok Followers by the methods mentioned above.

Friends, how was our post on how to get free followers on TikTok. Please tell us by commenting in the comment box. Apart from this, if you have any questions in your mind, then you can ask in the comment box. I will try my best to answer your questions.

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